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Probation is a contract that often involves maintaining regular contact with a probation officer, community supervisor, or parole officer while abiding by certain rules and regulations. Violating your probation contract can lead to serious consequences, so getting legal assistance as soon as possible is important.

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Florida Laws Regarding Probation Violations

In the state of Florida, probation is considered a privilege. If you are charged with violating the terms of your probation, it is important to get legal assistance from our Seminole County criminal defense attorneys to help protect your rights. Before convicting you of violating your probation, the court must find that the violation was willful and substantial and must meet the minimum standard of proof.


Common probation violations in Florida include:

  • Missed reports or appointments
  • Failure to pay financial obligations
  • Positive drug tests
  • Law violations or new offenses
  • Traveling out of state without permission


If convicted, the penalties can be severe. They may involve jail time, large fines or restitutions, and revocation of your probation that requires you to fulfill the prison sentence of your original conviction. Other penalties may include community service, additional probation terms, rehabilitation programs, and other behavioral correction programs.


Legal Process for Probation Violations in Florida

Once reported, a probation violation triggers a warning or a court appearance request. At the court hearing, the court determines the extent of the probation contract violation and then issues a sentence. Important factors to consider include the severity of the violation and any history of probation violations in Florida. At The Law Office of David A. Webster, P.A., our Seminole County criminal defense lawyers can represent you throughout the process and help seek a favorable solution.

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