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Traveling to Meet a Minor

A simple accusation of sexual misconduct has the power to permanently destroy reputations, relationships, and even a person’s way of life. Charges for traveling to meet a minor are some of the more egregious felonies someone could face. As a former prosecutor, attorney David A. Webster has an advantageous knowledge of how these cases are prosecuted. Do not risk your future call our office today. Our attorneys are available 24/7; call (407) 326-0650.

Traveling to meet a minor for sex is considered a second-degree felony. Florida defines this under Florida Statute 847.0135(4), in that traveling any distance, within, from, or to Florida for the purpose of engaging in unlawful sexual conduct with a child after having used an online service or electronic device to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice the child to engage in unlawful sexual conduct.

Charges of this nature are generally accompanied by further charges for child pornography, soliciting through a computer, and other very serious offenses. It is imperative to have an experienced attorney in sex crimes represent you as quickly as possible to mitigate and suppress any unflattering evidence against you.

Burden of Proof

The state has very specific criteria to meet the burden of proof. As a former prosecutor, our firm has the advantage of knowing how these cases are investigated, evidence is collected, and how they are tried in court. This gives our clients a unique advantage when seeking the best outcome. We look at all the elements and challenge the prosecution’s case. We have solid legal strategies and over 30 years of collective experience litigating sex crimes. Experience matters when facing these complex and very serious charges.

There are specific elements the State MUST prove in order to obtain a conviction;

  • The defendant used the internet or electronic device to seduce, lure, or entice a child or someone they believed to be a child to engage in unlawful sexual conduct.
  • The defendant traveled, had someone else travel within, from, or two this state for the purpose of having unlawful sexual conduct with a child or person believed to be a child.

Legal Defense

We understand this is a difficult time and offer a judgment-free atmosphere for you to discuss your case confidentially. There are things we can do to mitigate the damages and challenge prosecution. You are not simply litigating this in a courtroom. There is an added level of defending yourself in the public eye. Cases like this are sensationalized by reality shows, making them exciting bait for News outlets and social media. One way we defend you is to file a cease and desist against defamatory conduct and comments.

Building a strong defense must start as quickly as possible for the best outcome in your case. Our firm unconditionally believes in your fundamental right of being innocent until proven guilty. Knowing the elements the state must prove, our defense strategy begins with challenging whatever “proof” they have against you.

Entrapment is a common trick sometimes employed by officers to make an arrest and subsequent prosecution. Officers have been known to entrap individuals beyond the scope of a lawful investigation.

Lack of Evidence is something else we explore. The burden on the state is to prove and illustrate that the defendant attempted to seduce, solicit, lure, or entice a minor. The state also has to prove that YOU were operating the device used and that the communication meets the requirements for violating the statute. If these elements are not clearly within reasonable doubt, we may be able to have your charges reduced or even dropped.


Convictions are devastating and come with lifetime consequences. A judge is required to impose a minimum of 21 months in prison, up to 15 years. This also comes with a 15-year probation, a $10,000 fine, and mandatory registration on the FDLE offender/predator website. Your personal information and all related case information will be public record for the rest of your life. Do not risk your future or your freedom; call our office as soon as possible.

Florida Criminal Defense Attorney David A. Webster Can Help

Our attorneys have represented thousands of clients facing sex crime charges. We proudly take clients turned away by other firms and don’t shy away from hard, complex cases. We provide confidential consultations where we answer your questions and immediately start working on your defense strategy.

To see if your case qualifies for reduced or dropped charges, call our Longwood office today at (407) 326-0650 and schedule a FREE consultation. We will answer your questions and discuss options for obtaining a favorable outcome in your case. Let our experience work for you.

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