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False Allegations: Fighting Lies of Domestic Violence

Defend Your Truth & Your Reputation

It’s an unfortunate truth that a spouse, or spouse’s family member, may accuse you of domestic violence or abuse without the existence of actual violence. This may be for any number of reasons including anger, spite, to gain leverage in a divorce, or out of jealousy for a new relationship after separation. Regardless of the reason behind the allegations, if you are accused of domestic abuse or domestic violence, it is crucial that you speak with an experienced Seminole County domestic violence defense attorney from The Law Offices of David A. Webster, P.A. Our team can help you determine the best line of defense and what steps to take to protect yourself.

Building Your Case

There are several aspects to a solid defense when it comes to domestic violence. Our team can work with you to gather as many different facets as possible to have ample support for your defense.

Your defense will include:

  1. Gathering witnesses: If the accusation is regarding a specific event, gathering witnesses that were at the event to testify on your behalf can help your defense.
  2. Preparing evidence: If you have emails, texts, voicemails, recorded video, audio, or any other evidence that will work to the benefit of your defense, it will be a critical piece of your case.
  3. Proving motivation: If your accuser could benefit from the accusations of abuse, and you can prove it, then their motivation of gain may be a factor in your defense.

These three factors combined with a strong defense team and a calm and collected presentation in court can work greatly in your favor. The sooner you begin to prepare your defense, the better you will be suited for a day in court. Don’t let accusations discourage you, especially if you know they are false.

A Team You Can Count On

When you are facing false allegations, you may be tempted to lose hope—don’t do it! Let our team take over your case and fight in court on your behalf. You can count on us for experienced, confident legal counsel. Our Seminole County domestic violence defense lawyers will examine all evidence, find any potential holes in the accuser’s case, and help you to protect your reputation while protecting your freedoms in court. Put your case in our hands, so you can rest easy.

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